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Rainbow tweetie

Rainbow tweetie

if we didn’t have rules to regulate our lives, life would be pretty dull without anything to break. Some guy in Brunswick said that a few minutes ago and I reckon it’s as true as you want it to be. I must confess to breaking one of my cardinal rules last night, something I seem to be doing on a frequent basis of late. Let me explain; many years ago(32 to be exact) in a metropolis far, far away where the rule of law was the dreaded Dark Stuff I was treated to a night at the cinema. There was me, my friend who I think was called Jules and his pops, Gus. Gus had probably already been worshiping the Dark Stuff that afternoon but who were we to know, being just the little chislers that we were. In all honesty all I can remember of that night is walking into the main screen at the Savoy Cinema down on O’Connell Street in Dublin and my hopes being shattered in an instant. I have been able to gather from a bit of research that we were 15 minutes late for Star Wars. No opening credits, no start sequences etc. I think I waited 10 years before I got to see it all the way through. Since that day I have always endeavored to be on time if not early for any film that is worth seeing in a cinema. Some might see this behaviour as obsessive or perhaps verging on the compulsive but I offer no apologies for my actions. Look at it like this; would you skip the first 20 pages of a good book? I think not. The start of most films is a crucial moment in the telling of a the narrative. However, there are exceptions, and anything by Michael Bay falls into that category. Last night, myself and my good Norwegian buddy, ventured to Coburg Drive-In to indulge in some common fair. And this is where we encounter another one of my rules which remained intact: DRIVE-INS ARE FOR CRAP FILMS. Transformers 2,was the crap film of choice and it didn’t disappoint. My first rule of movie watching was broken as soonas we pulled in front of screen 2. We were 10 minutes late and had already missed out on a multimillion dollar special effects driven tiff between some toy cars. Luckily we were in time to witness Megan Fox making her buxom appearance tattoing the petrol tank of some jazzed up motorbike. Even though it went on for what seemed like an age(150 mins plus) we were never bored, only baffled: I couldn’t tell one baddy gobot from another.

Dam it……my pc just had a spaz attack and flipped out. i lost the rest of the blog……ffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkk

Well here we go again, I have regained control of my pc and shall now continue…….

The intellectual highlight of Transformers 2 was the momentary visual reference to ‘Q : The winged serpent’ . http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084556/ cut and paste this link for further info.

We dined on bacon’n’cheese burger meals which surprised us as they were not as bad as memory had led us to believe. I seem to have arrived at a dead end here so wait a second while I jump another train of thought…….hold on…nearly there….her it comes…..

Ordered, as whiskey may be (4)


(ordered)as whiskey may be= clue

Answer NEAT

ordered=neat,tidy etc

eg: I’ll have a neat whiskey please.

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man?   He was last seen loitering in my back passage and making of with  a bottle of beer.