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T’was Friday morning and time to hit the road. An overwhelming urge to escape Melbourne’s cultural environs had me lead footing the foot to the floor and heading up the Hume Highway.

The destination was Orange in Western Central New South Wales.

For those not in the know, Orange is around 800kms due northish from Melbourne and mostly up hill too.

My last trip outside metropolitan Melbourne had me winging it to Bali a year ago this week so you can understand my need to get some non caffeinated air into my lungs.

On the drive up my one wish was to see some kangaroos jumping in the paddocks. Not a chance there my mate. We drove by day and saw dead’uns by side o’road.  Live moo moos were spotted along with giddy ups and baaaaas and alpacas but no roos. I did however spot a humpy pumpy camel in a field of moo moos though. That got me excited.

I like the roads in New South Wales: not many coppers and even fewer speed cameras.

Next time I drive this way I’ll be stopping for some of the much advertised cherry pie made with locally grown cherries…yummo…can I get a cuppa joe with that too?

On entering Orange and sauntering around it’s clean streets the following day I noticed a distinct lack of Melbourne. There were no racial minorities hooning commodores or vegan eaters looking for rights and not a tram in sight.

On perusing the local rag I was informed that the denizens were suffering under 5a water restrictions. The poor sods! I could only imagine what lengths they were going through to keep their lawns so verdant and appealing to the eye yet I didn’t spot one water tank like we have here in Melbournopolis.

I had some fish and chips which didn’t agree with my sleepy stomach and had me  contemplating a conversation with our dear lord which in the end, never eventuated. The beer might also have been to blame as I was drinking some local brew which was masquerading under the title of ‘pilsner’. I chose it. The next night I opted for more the tried and trusted Coopers.

Nice Hotel

As things turned out it was due to be an eventful night in Orange on the Saturday. The local picnic races were on and there was some god awful rugby league game on the telly featuring waratahs and bros. I managed to avoid the whole preposterous lot instead preferring to watch the weekend blockbuster on mainstream telly. I should have gone to the pub in hindsight such was the drivel on show after the opening cinematic credits. All I can say is that my financial gain was my intellectual loss.

The beautiful sunset that bid Orange ‘fair well’ on Friday night was followed by an equally delightful moon at the other end of the horizon. Here’s the proof;

Orange Moon

I wonder how many different coloured moons I can find this year. We’ve already had blue and orange…

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