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If you love the 80’s and all that then this is for you, but if you prefer a decent script and some depth in your story then I’d pass on this one.
The Wraith boasts a fine soundtrack of 80’s tracks including Robert Palmer and Billy Idol but not much else.
Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes, Randy Quaid and Sherilyn Fenn all star in this mish mash of revenge sci-fi and hokum.

In short-

bloke  comes to a sticky end at the hands of badly fashioned thugs while getting intimate with his honey

bloke comes back as some kind of supernatural/alien dark avenger with super car and methodically knocks off the gang members

bloke gets his girl and buggers off
The best line I heard was……”we know our constipational rights” – Gutterboy

There are however two characters worth a mention; Gutterboy and his brother Skank. Both are retards with punk stylings but they do it rather well.
Nick Cassavetes’, who plays the head arsehole -thug, should be ashamed of himself considering his parentage, he barely even wakes up in this flick.
The fashion is 80’s as are the cars which constitute a major portion of the film with the Dodge Interceptor claiming star status.
The next film I watched had more plot, better dialogue and cinematic potential in the first 5 minutes than The Wraith managed in 93 minutes.

Don’t bother with this one unless you really wanna check out Sherilyn Fenn’s boobage or listen to 80’s tunes.

For 80's fans only.