1. Have a long hot bath with a G&T, a joint and preferably no interruptions. Watching a DVD is also an option but I wouldn’t go for anything too immersive. With our drought conditions the guilt is significantly reduced when a downfall is in progress. If anybody hassles you about being un-water wise inform them with a strict authoritarian tone that you had an environmentally sensitive 4 minute bath as you do every second day of the week.
  2. Leave your laundry on the line. It won’t get any wetter.
  3. Let the cat in. As a rule they don’t like water and a wet moggy snuggling up to you in your dry warm bed is less than ideal.
  4. Close your car window which you left open the night before.
  5. Find the leak in the roof. As a waterproofer it is the best time to observe the problem and note the exact location of said leak.
  6. Paint a picture.
  7. Write a short story about de-fenestration  and blood sucking alcoholic leeches from Frankston.
  8. Get your mail from the leaking mail box on the porch before your final warning from the gas company resembles the Scream.
  9. Don’t go to the drive-in. The wipers and de-mister detract from the overall enjoyment of the b grade film you are watching.
  10. Be glad that you ain’t in Ireland where it always rains.
  11. Don’t clean out your gutters. Two blokes here in Melbourne fell off their ladders while doing this.
  12. Sing a song. Yeah, you know the one.
  13. Go spend some money.