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Is that a Hoe in your garden or are you just pleased to see me?

It’s not often that I feel the need to put finger to keyboard on such a humdrum subject but…there must be something in the oppressively humid air today or else I’m just plain bored.

Earlier this evening I ventured down to Sparkly Bear, that’s Barkly Square for those of you not in the loop, to purchase some meat and vegetables for a light porch B-B-Q dinner. When only faced with a few minor purchases I will do a quick scout of both King Coles and Safeways meat sections in the hope of snaffling some cheap meat. Ever since Coles have gone started advertising their new low prices across all of Australia there has a been a dearth of meat bargains.

The average discount now is a paltry 10%!  Safeways do not seem inclined to follow their lead as this afternoons purchases will show. I picked up a kilo of chicken wings and a half kilo of lamb breast ribs for the combined princely sum of $6. Would you believe that 2 heads of corn and a bunch of asparagus cost me the same at the veg shop?

However,  my reason for blogging today is that I was able to buy  two four packs of Hoegaarden White beer for less than 20 bucks($10 0ff). It was when I was paying for these fiscal gems that the check out lady, a very loquacious woman to put it mildly, asked me if I had a ‘rewards’ card. To this question I proffered the response that life was it’s own reward especially when on the receiving end of such low priced beer and victuals and that I didn’t need Safeways to reward me. This elicited  a series of sniggers from the queuing tattooed patrons behind me and a flush of pink to the cheeks of the now taciturn enquirer.

In my youth I once complimented a check out girl on her ability and asked her if she wouldn’t mind checking out my own meat and two veg when she finished work to which she replied slightly coyly, that she only checked out ‘figs’ when off duty.

I deserved that one and duly snuck off to eat my raspberry ripple on my Sweeney Todd.