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I can’t but help myself this morning to stir the pot of poison that is the whole 99% of the earth against the not whole 1% of the planet saga. There are numerous ways to look at this popular uprising of sorts and here are a few of mine:

  • is the 1% vs the 99% statistic based on fact or is it just a generalisation. We all know that generalisations can be very damaging and inclusive, for instance: the Irish people are all alcoholic, property developing, bank mismanaging, forelock tugging, shenanigan loving red head catholics. We know this not to be true because ginger hair only makes up less than 5% of the populations natural hair colour.
  • the protesters are basically up in arms over minority rule by the one percenters. I do fear that the ever encroaching tsunami of political correctness will have us all being ruled by organic, sexually ambiguous, alfalfa wearing, fair trade, leftist hipsters on IVF treatment because it is his or her right to have  a baby when and where they want to just as long as there is a Steiner school within walking distance.
  • according to Naomi Klein in her article in the Guardian today the 3 main demands of the Occupy WalL Streeters are all about money. Man, these OWLS or ‘hooters’ as I will refer to them from now on are obsessed with money. Incase you don’ feel the need to read the lefty pinko article in the guardian I will paraphrase it for you:
  1. take the money out of politics. Why? Then the houses of power will be filled with coupon and voucher toting members of the senior citizens brigade. The only difference now is that the coupons are replaced with millions of $$$$$$$.
  2. reform the banking system. From what I understand some people are just a little peeved with credit card charges, ho hum.
  3. free iPhones for all with free tech’ support and the old Facebook layout.
  • on a more serious note, it’s all about pornography. What? Yes, you read me right the first time.

Bukkake style money shot.

  •  As you may see from the porno scene above, we have the fascist pig “protagonist” all decked out in kinky leather straps and gadgets(just think of Max Mosely, I know that is a hard ask!) getting his kink on by spraying the submissive bois and subs with his vegetable based capitalistic essence de piment doux.- I hear that one of the big fashion houses is to market this as the next big thing in eau de cologne for men and women, you heard it hear first!-If these guys were real capitalistic pigs that spray would be blue, royal blue, true blue, electric blue.
  • So, here is the money shot, one big group gang bang. The odd thing here is that the only person who is involved as part of there job and not their actual desire is the copper. The subs and bois are freely giving up their time for such an activity.
  • apparently there was a noisy and campsite like gathering in Melbourne in solidarity with our stateside brethren the difference being that the antipodean protesters added an addendum to their demands: espresso machines for all and a years supply of fair trade organic soymilk and coffee beans. Naturally to be delivered on a carbon neutral jinrickshaw peddled by Andre Rieu.

I hope that I have clarified this whole brouhaha for you and not ‘piddled on your chips’ as some might think. Now, where did I put my copy of BRW?