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Righto ladies and gents, t’is time to speak frankly about this whole popular uprising of sorts that is filling our pages with action pictures and nicely edited sound bites.

This is my guide for beating the bastards and psychopathic corporations at their own game:

  • close your bank account and open up an account in a credit union or similar such co-op. I made the change earlier this year and am reaping the benefits of not being charged excessive fees by ANZ  for doing no more than thinking about the balance of my account. The big banks are all in on it. If they don’t have your money they don’t have as much power.
  • stop buying stuff from the big multinationals. I know this might be hard but do you really need a plasma screen TV? If you must have it, at least share it or  buy second hand.
  • get off the mortgage merry go round. Signing up for a 30 year mortgage is a massive millstone around your neck which you will be paying off long into your later years. I am in my 40’s and have no intention of signing up for repayments into my 70’s. Real estate is one of the biggest scams going these days and until prices go down or wages multiply I wouldn’t be jumping on the greedy profit driven bandwagon. In the old days you could pay off a small house with 10-20 years max, what happened since then?  That millstone around your neck also keeps you a slave to work. You will do as you are told just to keep up your mortgage payments. Anyway, you can’t take the house with you when you kick the bucket can you?
  • try voting for something other than the mainstream parties. They will lead you on with promises of low interest rates which affect your mortgage. It’s a trap. John Howard did this for years and got away with it even though he had no power over the central bank. The political system if $$$$$$ based. Stop voting for them and see what happens.
  • a lot of what is reported as big brother policies and stuff is all stateside based and has little or no relevance in other countries that don’t have their head up the Americans’ arse.  However, we here in Australia are so far up the backside of Uncle Sam that you may as well start calling us TOENAILS because that’s all that’s left sticking out.
  • stop watching bullshit TV and advertisements. Seriously, I mean in the old days there might have been some honourable intention governed by some code of ethics as regards what can be broadcast on the airwaves but those days are long gone.  What is on the goggle box these days is there for one reason and one reason only; to control you, to get you to buy what they are selling you, to get you to be afraid of the bogey man across the water, to get you to vote for them and thus perpetuate the system of control.
  • educate yourself. The internet is full of educational material. Get downloading and watching the good stuff. I would start you off with “The century of the self” by Adam Curtis. Check it out here on youtube.  He has several other revealing documentaries and all worth the time.
  • keep your money in your local community. Buy second hand and recycle as much as you can. We have to stop consuming the planet and rewarding the guys that make it so. I’m not talking about getting all militant about it but if we all consumed 30% less crap it would make a big difference to the profits of the big guys.
  • Protest, protest and protest some more. What can the government do if one million people march on the capital? The french have a very healthy attitude towards strikes and protests in general. Why can’t we be the same. Apathy will have us all turned into facebook monkeys before the century is out.
  • grow stuff in your backyard like your granny used to do, brew your own beer, make your own clothes. You know the drill but are just too lazy to do it.

But I reckon the biggest single thing we can do as a nation of earthlings is to change our mindset and give up on democracy-read capitocracy. This whole system is a crock of shit. Once you watch The century of the self you will realise this too. In australia we are fined $170 or so for not voting. There is nobody worth voting for as far as the main parties are concerned. Last time the Australian sex party got my vote. Not because they advocated communal gang bangs on the nature reserve but because their policies were by and large non-religious and non bullshit based. It was better than getting fined again. Take a look at the world around you. How much longer can we go on bailing out countries?  Bailing out banks? Sometimes a ship needs to sink just so that we can figure out how to build the next one that won’t sink.