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More than you want to spend is the most common answer I’ll bet.

Here are some typical gripes about a visit to the vet to fix up ol’ moggy:

  • Why so expensive?
  • Why so expensive?
  • Why so expensive?


My 10 minute google research session has provided me with these answers:

  • Vets are multi skilled. They must diagnose Fido’s gastro and also Terry the terrapin’s venereal disease and Barry the hamster’s bad knee which makes them more than just your local animal GP. Amongst other things their job description entails the following skills:  surgeon, radiologist, neurologist, oncologist and pharmacist too.
  • Vets have to study for 5-6 years at some cost I’m sure and therefore are eager to get out there and charge you an arm and a leg to pay back their fees.
  • Entrance to Vet school aint that easy and requires quite a few A’s. No dumbies allowed. These guys just wanna be rewarded for being smart and caring about your pooch.
  • There are no state or federal subsidies for vet care unlike Medicare etc for humans.
  • The vet has to have quite an array of fancy equipment on hand to diagnose your puppy’s twisted guts or whatever, again, I’m sure it aint cheap.
Here are some of the typical sales pitches that you will hear:
  • The vet has you over a barrel.  When little Fido is coughing his guts up you will of course agree to whatever course of action the vet suggests even if there is no proof that it will work. Common sales pitches are: ” In my experience…” “or we could try this new procedure….”,” How about I take a blood sample and send it for analysing?”  ” You must have a very special cat here, I’ve not seen this condition before. let’s start with this medication first and see what happens.” “Mmmmm…looks like a pedigree disease to me”.
  • Undoubtedly one of the easiest grabs for your hard earned cash is the ol’ ” come back next week and we’ll see how Tiddles is going with her recovery”. KAAAA—-CHING……..
  • ” I could give you the number of a feline specialist in Camberwell if you like, she’s very good”.

LAst time I went to the vet I was in there for 15 minutes with my moggie and got mugged for 120 buckaroos. 60 for the consultation and another 60 for a shot of antibiotics. She then wanted me to go back for a check up in 7 days time. No doubt to fleece me of another 60 bucks plus. The little kitty only cost me 120 bucks at The Lort Smith to start with.

I reckon that at prices like this they should be working the evenings too. We can’t all take time off to go to the vet and I’ve got to find the cat first!

Why can’t they prescribe antibiotics over the phone for kitty’s bung ear I hear you ask? Well, apparently it’s against the law to do this. Pet insurance doesn’t seem like such a bad idea at this stage does it? But then we all know what a scam insurance is don’t we?

Anyways, as long as pooches are pampered and kept as child replacements the vets will charge what they like because they know that you will pay it.

Has anybody got a DIY pet health book on their shelves and if so where did you get it?

And while I’m at it, does anybody know a cheap way of getting that advantage stuff? I did find some on Ebay before.


Click here for a cute video of a whippet.

This pussy aint cheap.

And on a final note, check out this link to google where I typed in ‘vet pictures’ and see if you can spot where all those high vet’s fees go.  Yes, you guessed it… dental work and happy drugs!


So I guess what excuse do the the drugs companies have for charging so much for pet drugs, I mean it’s not like they are tested on humans or anything.