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Last April I had the pleasure of heading off to South America for a few weeks.  First port of call was Buenos Aires.

I stayed, ate and drank and around San Telmo. Here are a few of my photographic memories from nearby La Boca:

Street Graffiti, La Boca.


Musical local in La Boca.


Dog walker, La Boca.


La Boca stadium.


Souvenir shop, La Boca.


Shadowy house, La Boca.


Chess board, La Boca.


And here are some from San Telmo:


Beautiful trees and houses.


Lone cyclist, San Telmo.Street art, San Telmo.



A pink House, San Telmo.


I see this fella hanging around all over the place.


Colourful shop front.

I also spent some time at La Recoletta Cemetery:





















I will try to post a few more soon and then possibly a whole heap of stuff from my next stop; Havana, Cuba.