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Just recently I observed an enormous  big black bat, or possibly a flying fox entangled in some telegraph wires whilst driving down Lygon st, Melbourne, opposite the cemetery. I reckon the poor creature got zapped or just died from the extreme heat that we have suffered these past few days.

I couldn’t but resist to bring my camera with me on my next excursion that day.

Here are some pictures for your visual enjoyment:

Suspended Bat 1

Suspended Bat 2

If you look closely you might be able to spot the flies buzzing around the carcass.

Suspended Bat 3

This wretched creature would have been dead a day or two and was already noticeably swollen.

Suspended Bat 4

I drove past this afternoon but the bat was nowhere to be seen. I suspect the carcass exploded in the 40’C heat and fell to the ground on some unsuspecting person. I would have paid good money to have been there with a camera.

*Melbourne has several large colonies of bats/flying foxes numbering into the tens of thousands.

**It is also interesting to note that the city of Melbourne was founded by a  syphilitic John Batman on the 8th June, 1835. He called it Batmania which somehow didn’t stick.