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Happy new year one and all. I hope that you all had a great Christmas if that is what you celebrate at this time of year or perhaps you are waiting for a more orthodox time to kick up the heels.  Either way I hope all is well and you are not under the cosh of some capitalistic oppressor.


On a recent trip to The Theosophical Society I picked up Manly P Hall’s ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’, plus a few books by Colin Wilson (he of The Outsiders fame) concerning The Occult and other such matters.  All up it was a hundred bucks well spent. I could have sourced the books on online but decided that my money would do some good at the aforementioned book shop.

As soon as I got home I buried my head in The Secret Teachings of All Ages and started to trawl my way through the vast amount of knowledge contained there in. Manly’s epic tome now rests wherever I sit and is like The Bible I never had as a child.

This is quite ironic because it’s really a handbook of all that is untrue in The Bible. All I have to do is flick the book open on any random page and I am instantly engrossed in its paragraphs and diagrams.  If you have an open mind or perhaps it needs a bit of opening I would whole heartedly recommend this volume to you. He has many other books on similar subjects and is all over YOUTUBE so you shouldn’t have any problems in tracking him down if you are interested in something closer to the truth than what is thrown about by the various religions, secret societies and  nefarious organisations of the world.

Old Manly P. Hall is not alone in his mystic writings but he has endured for quite some time and managed to stay relatively scandal free. This particular book was first published in 1928 in California. Take from that what you will but I would say that it might suggest that he has not been tainted by the low media of the last  century. However,  let us not forget that the thoroughly faecal News of The World was first published sometime around 1843, but thankfully has now been flushed down the u bend of popular culture.

Let me try and give you a brief insight into the contents of this epic tome:

There are chapters on Alchemy, Freemasonry, The holy Grail, The Pyramids, Sorcery, Hermetic philosophy, The Qabbalah, The Mystics, numerology etc. Basically, every topic that has been the subject of whispered words, secret societies and conspiracy theories.  I defy anyone to pick this book up and not be instantly absorbed by the wealth of knowledge that is laid before your eyes.

I would nearly suggest that before you go listening to crack pots such as Graham Hancock and Eric Von Daniken you should have a read of the book that they have all read. From my understanding of the pages written within I would support the following theories:

  • All of Shakespear’s plays were written by somebody else, such as Sir Francis Bacon. The evidence is compelling to say the least.
  • The bible should be read with a large grain of salt and is just a manual for controlling the masses and generating wealth and power for the organised religions of the world.
  • Magicians and sorcerers versed in the dark arts are invariably tee totalling vegetarians. The vibrations of meat and alcohol do not allow for the spirits to course through the body and hinder the practice of the dark arts. Aleister Crowley would have observed these rules while he was a practitioner of Magik.
  • Some of these wizardy types do indeed live to a ripe old age, as you would to if you only ate vegies, fruit, grains and water.
  • All that stuff in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail is pretty much true or as close to any truth that is universally accepted. I venture that the Python boys read Manly too.
  • The Knights Templar knew that the Gospels in the Bible were less than accurate and were about to spill the beans so they came to a sticky end at the behest of the doomed French monarchy.
  • Jesus was misunderstood and returned  to the far east where he had spent his wilderness years after an unsuccessful homecoming in Palestine.
  • There was more than one Jesus, Joseph, Joshua etc. The times were confusing for historians!