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Just a quick post on the state of law and order in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Ever since the the Gemini towers collapsed into a heap of asbestos, burnt illegal aliens and conspiracy theories the boys with the whip hand have been cementing their power and increasing its range end efficacy. I’m not going to get all Noam Chomsky on your ass about this but I will just hook you up to a few articles and you tube doo-hickeys that I have found floating around the social media platforms this fine Sunday morning.

  1. Here’s a video about getting taken away by the cops for saying that you can be taken away by the cops for saying that you can be taken away by the cops. Whether or not the poor loud mouths were incarcerated or not I don’t know and if they were charged is not clear. But as soon as you start resisting you are going to be busted….. also it has something to do with the new laws being brought in called NDAA (national defence authorisation act). One aspect of this act is that you can be arrested and detained indefinitely at the pleasure of the President of the U.S. of A for being a security risk. No proof is needed of your guilt other than you MIGHT do something in the future. This all very kafkaesque and I can see Tom Cruise as the police enforcer a la Minority Report. Before you start getting all smug and claim that all this shit is only for our Stateside cousins I would urge you to think again. These guys could nab you in your own back yard while you tend your tomatoes and Fed-Ex your ass to Gitmo without so much as a by your leave or stamp in your passport.                                                                
  2. When I was growing up in Ireland and commuting to work/ the pub on the trains and buses there were always a few signs around that said ‘seats are not for feet’. Nothing would happen if you were in transgression of the sign, at worst an inspector might tell you to remove your feet, or another passenger might sneer at you but that would only happen if you were a respectable member of society. If you were on the margins you would be ignored and left alone to drink your cider and smoke your John Player Blue cigarettes. Not so in the New York of today as this article from the New York Times reports. In essence you can be held and arrested for encroaching on the next seat or for putting your feet on the seat in front. According to the article the idea is that at 2am in the morning the only people who would engage in such socially reprehensible behaviour are bank robbers and crack dealers and as such can be detained.

 We have so much to look forward to here in Australia as our government sells it’s cut price soul to the Yanks. Just recently they made cursing a public offence, which really is just feckin’ silly.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling just a little deflated after all this nasty(nazi) news so I think a treat is in order which you can find right here or if you have ever wondered what Iggy Pop would look like in drag here is your opportunity.

Don’t be shy, you know you want to.