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Last Saturday morning in Melbourne the Police decided to use innocent drivers as a human roadblock to stop a speeding driver in a stolen car. Click here for The Age article. The errant car was driving erratically on the Hume highway and was a danger to all those within braking distance.  Victoria Police in their infinite wisdom decided to form a blockade of cars to force the driver to stop. In doing so they commandeered the vehicles of whoever happened to be in the area at the time and ordered them to park their cars in the lanes and thus create a blockade. It didn’t matter if you had children or elderly on board or whether you were driving a work vehicle or your own. I wonder what would have happened if you refused to be used as a human shield? What if your 5 year old daughter was killed when the crazy driver rammed into the back of your car?  The driver did eventually crash into the back of a few cars and was subsequently arrested.

I reckon this is just bloody outrageous. Victoria is a nanny state with some very draconian laws as it is and now we have the Police using innocent civilians as roadblocks with out so much as a by your leave. Where does this end? Will be the police be using civilians as target practice?(some might say they do this already) or as decoys?

If you look at the logo on their badge which states ‘UPHOLD THE RIGHT’ consider what right they are upholding. Also, did you know that the laurel wreath on the badge represents bravery and courage and that the five pointed star indicates that the Police will go in any direction to uphold the law. It makes you wonder really.

I’m sure that there will be a whole slew of law suits against them and somebody should be falling on their sword as a result.

Victoria police have responded to this situation here.