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Lorks a lordy!

Our mighty overlords have deemed it wise to award me a prize.  It must have been a slow news day on Mount Olympus methinks.

Tyche, the Greek Goddess of fortune and luck.

I received a call yesterday from the fabulous Annie H., to notify me that I had won  1st prize in a competition organized by The St Kilda Film Festival and all I did was send off an email to enter. It’s the best thing I’ve won in donkeys years or at least since I drew the winning ticket for the Irradiated Vagrancy Raffle at The Delinquent Hotel and took home a long life Moo tray.

A Moo tray.

The upshot is that I get to attend all the screenings of just about everything that is showing, time and diary willing, plus a plethora of little prizes to keep me fuzzy and warm over the long winter evenings.

As a direct result of this outrageous good luck I will be blogging live, or as live as can be, about all the films that I am going to try and see.

The opening night is Tuesday 22nd May at the Palais in St Kilda.

Until then…

Toodle pip.