Rain, rain go away. Come back another day.

You have no idea the amount of times I’ve used that spell to no effect. Wishful thinking is just that , wishful thinking. But you’ve gotta look on the bright side, today’s deluge is perfect cinema going weather, the God’s have indeed blessed the St Kilda Film Festival this year by eliminating any chance of going on a Friday evening picnic instead.

A month’s worth in a day.

Last night I saw sessions 2 & 3 of Australia’s top 100 short films and was treated to a veritable pot-pourri  of visual delights.  Of particular note was another chance to catch The Globe Collector which did not fail to brighten up my evening even on the second time round. Unfortunately I missed half of ‘The Human Fog’ due to forces way beyond my control and comprehension.  A half-dozen docos added a certain flavour to the evening’s fare which was crowned by The Cartographer, a sure candidate to win some kind of gong this year.  I will have to admit to being slightly baffled at the low turnouts for these screenings considering the status that this festival carries but as the old saying goes ‘You can bring a horse to water…’. Perhaps it has something to do with the abundance of cultural activities and nice cafes in Melbourne that has the crowds so small. Or it could just be that the trains are all running late.

My personal choices for the evening are the two animated shorts; The Cartographer and Polo’s Robot. The only boundaries to animation are the limits of our imagination, and time.’ The Cartographer’ delivered a delicious spectacle on a plate with a twist of surprise where ‘Polo’s Robot’ delighted from the first frame to the last.

I wish I could say no.

I did not hang around for the music video session but by the look of the crowd waiting to get in I reckon it was going to be a party. If the truth be told I can only tolerate cinema seating for so long before I get very anxious and have to stretch my legs or lie down. I have no desire to start doing laps of the theatre! This inclement weather is sapping my descriptive powers, the rain is having  a kryptonite like effect on my abilities. Wait now, what abilities?

********NEWS JUST IN*************

The nominations have been announced, click here for  the full lowdown on whose getting closer to taking home the Big Money.