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I do not know what happened just recently but I find myself having to redo these first few lines. Let’s see if I can pick from where I left off…Do you remember when you would wake up with sand in your eyes and your mother would say that The Sandman left it there, like for storage or something or just because he could. It would have been around the same time as The Tooth Fairy was doing her rounds.
It doesn’t happen as much these days and I don’t know why, but what I do know is that when I first saw Paul Berry’s The Sandman I was amazed and mesmerised. I loved every minute of its 10. It left a certain mark on me that I have struggled to rub off ever since. I’m sure that I started sleeping with swimming goggles on and the windows bolted shut.

It was released in 1991 but I would nearly swear that I had seen it as a wee chisler many half moons previously.  Chances are I stumbled home late one night to catch it on Channel 4 or BBC 2. My lack of sobriety probably had something to do with me storing it away in the wrong memory vault.

Coming to a bedroom near you!

It is based on E.T.A Hoffman’s 1817 tale of a winged creature with a crescent-shaped face, as above, who is want to sprinkle dust in sleeping bubs eyes before plucking them out and feeding them to his bubs in a nest on the moon. Thank god for youtube or I’d never have seen it again. The Sandman is an age old tale with many variations although we are probably more familiar with Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ and Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’. I will admit to being a fan of the latter and having to endure the former ad nauseum.

Well worth a read.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must be off to iron my shirt and press my tux for tonight’s awards ceremony down south of the river. I expect it to be star studded affair full of oohs and ahhs and more cliches than this blog post.