Many of you will no doubt be familiar with the rape and murder of a young Irish girl here in Melbourne this week, if not I suggest that you read this article and bring yourself up to speed. The Irish and local communities are in shock and up in arms calling for CCTV left, right and centre plus increased police foot patrols in the area of Sydney road, and justifiably so. But would it change anything? 

I think not. There are a myriad of side streets and lane ways along the length of Sydney rd that could not be monitored with cameras or patrolled by bobbies on the beat and most people live on these off streets. 

I myself have always walked with care along Sydney rd late at night for fear of being bashed or mugged by some young thugs. I am six foot plus and male and would take the same precautions anywhere in the world once the drink has been taken. 

Only a few years ago and not far from where the Irish girl was snatched a good samaritan was stabbed to death for coming to the rescue of somebody copping a hiding and several gangster types have also come unstuck in fatal ways while enjoying a beer in their favourite club along Sydney rd. What can I say? The area is a bit dodge, and I think that is why people like it. 


I have no idea what ‘chocking’ refers to and why isn’t ‘being king hit’ a part of the pie?

It would appear that the whole of Australia is a bit dodge if you are Irish and having a drink. Barely a season passes without some young Paddy copping it sweet in a bar room brawl or diving into a sand bar  and crippling themselves. Just have a scan through these articles that Google has been nice enough to cough up and you will get the picture; River death, van death, hostel death, trawler death, fire death.

It would appear that as soon as the bold boys of the bog get off the plane they are mad for the action and can’t help themselves but have a good time. And who can blame them? I was once one of them and can put my name to many insane japes committed under the influence of the drink and the joy of being out of the mad place that once was my home. 

The English sent the Irish here as punishment for living, hoping they would die on route or be burnt to a crisp by the Antipodean sun, now it seems that the Irish are gagging to get here and are dying off once they get here.


FYI…If Sydney rd(Brunswick) were in Dublin it would be just north of O’Connell st. and Coburg would be a few kms further out  yet. I have lived in Brunswick for the past seven years and can attest to its unsavoury nature at times but overall I find the area quite amenable.