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DSCN2806If you have read back a few posts you will no doubt be curious about my interest in photographing dead animals and posting  them on the ‘net for all the world to see. Well, you see, I reckon that us westerners have a really unhealthy attitude towards death. This attitude is quite literally killing us.

In the grand circle of life there are two things that you can take for granted; birth and death. Birth itself is a game of chance but it does happen and the whole cycle of life depends on it so let’s just assume it as a given. We can try to control it or limit it by using condoms, pills, pearl necklaces and abortion depending on which country you live in. If you believe in the teachings of some churches condoms are not on, abortion is off the menu and the health of a pregnant women is secondary to the unborn, unregistered, non-tax paying, non-citizen inside of her.


Just have a look at what some of America’s elected representatives have said recently on the subject of rape and abortion. These guys that have been voted in to public office want to control women’s’ bodies under the banner of The Right to Life Brigade yet I’m pretty sure they are all advocates of more guns and less control which is distinctly un-life friendly. Are these guys living in the dark ages? Are they waiting for the apocalypse? Do they take what is written in the bible literally? You bet your slave ass they do but only when they are on camera and in the public eye. I’m sure they spend their weekends getting their mistresses pregnant on coke fuelled binges and then paying for the abortions that inevitably follow. Of course they never confess this in church, of course they are so out of touch with the real world that it beggars belief.

Down through the ages there has been respectful appreciation of death. It was an everyday occurrence; it happened on the street, to your neighbours, to your farm animals, to your siblings. It happened unexpectedly. Sometimes it was expected but it still happened and life went on. Dead bodies were seen in public, mourned in public, burned in public. Death was a very public affair.

Nowadays in our technologically advanced world, death is seen as something unnatural, something to be shunned, cured and ignored. The west’s lack of spiritual guidance is obvious in this regard. Our whole lives are spent in a state of voluntary slavery to one degree or another, a living death if you will.

We are encouraged to have babies, buy a house and spend the rest of our lives paying it off. Go to college and spend the rest of you life paying off a usurious student loan. Get a mortgage-literally meaning ‘death wage’ to pay for some hugely inflated piece of land with a badly built and environmentally unsustainable house on it. Now that you are in debt and reliant on a constant stream of cash coming in your employer has you where he wants you; under his thumb.

Similarly the government also has you where they want you; under the thumb of the banks because you have a whopping mortgage and likely to do whatever you’re told to do so that interest rates don’t go up. Johnny Howard used this line several times when he was seeking re-election years ago, although the government has no control over the central bank and cannot change the rates that banks charge for money. The average liberal voting bogan living in a MacMansion didn’t know that.

At this stage you are shitting your pants and shackled to the system with no prospect of escape. The politics of fear are working beautifully and you spend the next forty to fifty years of your life toeing the line and being a good little automaton like citizen. You think you are free but we all know that aint so. You’ve been eating bacon and eggs every day for breakfast because you think that’s what people have always eaten for breakfast. Did you know that Edward Bernayse, the famous propagandist and nephew of Sigmund Freud, was responsible for the introduction of bacon and eggs as a normal breakfast? Apparently the pig farmers were having a bad year and wanted to increase their sales so they hired Mr Bernayse and the rest is history. Now everybody thinks it’s the norm. I could go on but let’s get back to the point.


We are not even free to leave this world under our own terms.

Not free to say ‘I’ve had a gut full of this, where’s the exit?’

Not free to do what people have been doing for thousands of years; die.

Not free to do what is the natural way of the living world.

Not free to let your spirit move on to the next world and look for a new birth.

Not free to stop being a consumer and worker in the system and for the system.

Not free to die with honour and dignity.

The truth is that once you are dead they’ve lost a very good long term customer.  A loyal customer who bought everything they were sold; insurance for your car, house, wife, life; insurance for your mortgage; insurance for your insurance.

We spend our whole lives saving and working so that when we get old we can retire and if you are allowed to, eventually die, but not until they have sucked every last penny out of you and your family. The sad truth is that so many people get to this stage and look back with huge regrets of a life wasted working for the man and eating from the cancerous trough that is supplied by big business whose only motivation is the health of their shareholders’ bank balances.

They want to quickly sicken you with bad food so that they can medicate you with their drugs and slowly kill you. There is no cure for death but they’re willing to let you die trying.

So, here we are at the end of the line. A production like line. We bought all the products that we were sold. Then we became the product of what we bought. We lie in hospital beds with bar code tags taped around our wrists, just like products. Everybody is scrambling for their share of your possessions that you spent your whole life accumulating. But guess what? You can’t take it with you. That big ol’ house won’t fit in your coffin or the crematorium furnace.

We are spent, dehumanised, drugged up, confined, regulated, institutionalised, controlled, stitched up, irradiated, imprisoned, subjugated, brainwashed and disempowered of our free will to live and die.

The way I see it is like this;

If there is life after death there’s nothing to be afraid of. You will die, you spirit will be reincarnated in another body some time down the line. If you have been a positive influence on those around you and figured out some of life’s puzzles you will probably move up to the next level of your spiritual journey, if not you’ll be sent back until you get it right.

I do not believe in heaven or hell. They are just  ways of controlling people. Heaven and hell are here on earth, they are what we do to each other.

If there isn’t life after death, if there is no spirit afterworld then I would say you may as well enjoy the one life you have. Once you are dead it’s all over. You won’t know any different. You won’t remember anything. You won’t have any regrets because you will be nothing but rotting flesh being recycled by Mother Nature.

You might think I’m being a bit callous, you might think I’m being insensitive. You might be right but I would say I’m being realistic, rational and honest. I have recently endured the loss of a parent so I have some idea of what I speak of.

There is nothing wrong with death at the end of a long and eventful life.

There is everything wrong with the quality of life at the end of a long death.