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We all know that TV is where it’s at at the moment but it’s not where it used to be. It is wherever you can stream it, download it, satellite it or whatever and here follows as short list of what I’ve been watching these past few months or thereabouts.

Top of the lake.

Very enjoyable and ever so slightly disturbing and just a bit unreal mini series set in Hobbitland from Jane Campion, so it’s gotta be kinda half-decent. Think Twin Peaks crossed with some other show that was worshipped by the telly watching  masses. Peter Mullan is great and Holly Hunter does a strange thing with grey hair.


I really enjoyed this Channel 4 six parter. It had a nice visual style and aesthetic  was nice and concise with only six episodes. Some of the American shows could do well to learn that sometimes short is sweet. This show has it all; psychos, GMOs, conspiracy theories, Big Pharma, dodgy governments and graphic novels.

House of Cards.

This the american remake of the very British series of the same name. Here we have Kevin Spacey being a sociopathetic(stet) White House mover and shaker and for a change he’s a democratic bad guy. His wife, the ageing beautifully, Robin Wright appears to be the nicer half of the two but just hold on there a bit. I like this show because Mr Spacey talks with a dodgy southern accent and is a master manipulator. He also talks to the fourth wall. It works.


Another short series from the land of the Pomegranates(poms). This five parter deals with the last intake of conscripted soldiers in 1960’s Britain. The standout fun character is Lomax and the incompetent surgeon guy from Bodies also plays a part. Overall a nice Sunday afternoon type show with nostalgia and bakelite a plenty.

Hemlock Grove.

Here we go again, more Twin Peaks stylings combined with some True Blood blood. This show looks lovely on full HD widescreen techno setting. Famke Janssen is equally lovely but I wish she wouldn’t murder her English accent as much. The girls will like to know that Eric Northman’s little clone brother has the central role here. There’s some real kookiness going on here and I’d watch it just for that.

The Walking Dead.

There is not one character that I actually like in this show. I wish they would all die horrible deaths. The show moves along at a snail’s pace and the season three finale was more than a tad shit-stinky. However, I’ve been watching it for a while now and am curiously addicted to it but I wouldn’t miss it if it got the axe.

In the flesh.

This BBC series is much more fun than the previous zombie show. There is humour and thought put into In the Flesh and it’s not all about chopping off zombie heads. I’m only just getting into it but I think it might have some promise. Not altogether dissimilar to that Nordic show about humanoid robots.

Game of Thrones.

I love it but sometimes I get lost in all the history and old names. I recently found this dudette on youtube giving history lessons on the seven families for those of us that are illiterate and can’t/won’t read the books. Very enjoyable.


This is my favourite new show doing the rounds at the moment and it comes from the Sundance Channel. It is a heavy, serious drama with few laughs but, boy am I enjoying it. It’s all about a guy getting out of prison after being on death row for, like, way too long. He was a bad boy, or was he, many years ago and now he must try to ‘rectify’ the situation of his making or something like that.


Don;t ask me how but they did it. The Yanks managed to transplant my favourite detective of all time to New York and construct a mainstream TV show around him. Old Sherlock has been reinvented so many times lately with varying degrees of success and fidelity that I was ready to cringe at what was going to be thrown at me from Baker Street Manhattan, or is it Brooklyn? I thought Benedict was the new Holmes but no, the ex Mr Angelina Jolie does a fine job and Missy Loo must also do some acting which is nice for a change, however Aidan Quinn is a bit soft as the token dimwit but hey….ain’t Vinnie worth a  watch?

I am of course looking forward to the return of True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter and if only Bored to Death would make a comeback and I really miss Eastbound and Down too. There have been many other shows flashing on my screen these  past few months but these are the ones that come to mind this morning.

I will however mention BBC’s three part  Black Mirror, The Fear-more crazy Peter Mullan, Lilyhammer-which I’m about to watch- and Oliver Stone’s untold history of America.