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“You can’t come forward against the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies and be  completely free from risk, that they are such powerful adversaries, no one can meaningfully oppose them. If they want to get you they’ll get you in time”

– Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a condemned man. Condemned to a life of uncertainty and bad room service food. He is also going to be the most monitored man on the planet after his leaking of classified CIA and NSA(National Security Agency) documents. He is an intelligent, rational human being with feelings and does not appear to be a cracker or narcissistic ladies man.

He has been to war, worked here and there  and is possibly cut from a different cloth to most of his NSA co-workers in that he hasn’t gone through the usual doors of opportunity. He is a whizz with computers though and isn’t it curious how the people blowing the lid off the trash can of illegal surveillance and dirty tricks are computer geeks. Are they the only ones with an active and offended conscience?

Edward Snowden believes that he has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. The danger is that those he offends have everything to hide. Their main strength is that their vile true colours are hidden from the sensitive public eye.

I can see the legal pen pusher in a nondescript office somewhere under pressure from a psy-ops stand-over man to find a law that will allow for his incarceration, failing that he be rendered like horse hooves and processed into political glue to be used as justification to hold the whole infested system together.

What he has done is akin to a suicide bomber sacrificing the only thing he truly owns, his life, for a cause. Will he see his wife and kids ever again? Will he set foot on U.S. soil again as a free live man? 

Are we entering an age of cyber martyrdom? An age where the only way of affecting change is to sacrifice your terminally depreciated freedoms for the global good and a fully monetised fifteen minutes of fame

Everything you thought was going on out there in the cloak and dagger world of spying and snooping is going on, and on a wholesale scale too. It would appear that the whole world is tumbling down a treacherous hill that ends in a reality that would not be out of place in a dystopian sci-fi novel.


According to Mr Snowden the NSA can snoop on anyone anywhere anytime. His main concern is that they are undermining democracy and the rule of law. Decisions are being made on whether to snoop or not to snoop by unelected employees of private enterprise. These guys are making decisions that should only be made by the electorate and its elected representatives.

I don’t mind being watched over by a doting granny with only best intentions at heart but I do mind being spied upon by my dirty old uncle G.W. RumsCheney and his acquiescing political apparatchiks. Their guiding principle is not my well-being but their continued control and omniscient hegemony.

Mr Snowden has described their activities as tantamount to “Turnkey tyranny”. I reckon he’s right, but what’s my opinion worth? A few moments of the NSA’s time to snoop on my emails? Blogposts? Text messages? 

This is what we all thought was the sole preserve of Alex Jones’ exaggerated conspiracy theories, paranoia thinking and whack-job logic. Why not throw in David Icke too!

If Bradley Manning and Julian Assange were tarred with the brush of treason and aiding the enemy then it will be interesting to see how Mr Snowden is tainted. It will be interesting to see what the wolf in sheep’s clothing in The White House will do about it. The wolf who has been very sneaky behind the scenes while smiling like an assassin at children’s parties and political get togethers.

I feel embarrassed that I was taken in by Barry O’s hubris and winning smile all those years ago instead of seeing him as President 4.6 beta version, now with added racial and intellectual credibility update. But I’m only human and was truly sick and tired of laughing my ass off at Bush, Rumsfeld et al.

You could say that this is the new Cold War where the spying sides are separated by an electronic curtain but I would prefer to say that we are in an electronic cradle; surrounded by an ever vigilant and all enveloping techno nanny. A nanny wet-nursing us from our natural source of nutrition and then weaning us onto the synthesised iCapitocracy of the New World Order.


You could say that Uncle Sam is evil. You could even say “I don’t want to be spied upon” but that might get you in trouble with somebody. It’s hard to know what to give a flying fuck about anymore. It’s hard to ‘know’ full stop but men like Snowden give me hope that good may come from the very heart of the rotten system that is the iCapitocracy.