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How’s about that for a blog title hey? Pretty grandiose don’t ya think. You probably thought you were going to be reading about psychology, existentialism or something equally high brow and soporific. But no! I shall try and project some humour onto this moribundly complex canvas of double speak and deception so you the reader can sleep at night safe in the knowledge that the world out there is no more than a spinning top on Hercules’ bedside table.

Firstly, in Vietnam, the local government is proposing to ban people from giving out about the regime and/or posting pasted newslinks from other sites etc. Not good if you’re a dissident but I’m sure you can still listen to the radio and hear what’s going on in the world. Now, the good old U.S. of A doesn’t like this and reckons it’s a suppression of human rights, internet freedom, blah blah Guantanamo, Bradley Manning, NSA etc.

How the Yankees can demand that Vietnam change their evil communist controlling ways and keep a straight face is beyond me. What is also beyond me is the voluntary corporate folding of Lavabit, albeit under indirect duress.

Now come here to me, if I want to send a private letter to my secret friend across town I would probably use the mail man. If I was a bit paranoid I’d register the letter or even get it couriered over. But if I was super paranoid and secretive I’d write the damn missive in invisible ink and in code with some obscure book by an unbelievably obscure and illiterate writer as the key and then I’d send it by carrier pigeon at the dead of night. Hopefully it would get to my friend un-intercepted and in a virgin state. However nowadays the NSA and Obama demands that they have omnipotent powers to seize and read the letter and the poor pigeon can’t even tell any of his feathered friends about it back at the loft.

This is positively ricockulous and deserving of all the satire that can possible be heaped on it. This reminds me of Rumsfeld’s ‘Unknown knowns’ speech and logic. If this is the way of America then the Statue of liberty needs to hang her head in shame and start swimming across the pond back to the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys. Would she be a traitor if she did ? America has no need of her now and the mere presence of her tarnishes the meaning of the word freedom.

On the other hand, the NSA is more than welcome to read my blog, facebook updates and emails for I have nothing to hide and nothing to gain but as a common courtesy I wish they would ‘like’ my updates and link to my blog posts.

If you have a looksee over here at Adam Curtis’ blogroll you might be suitably entertained and relieved to find out that spies and intelligence folk aren’t, well that intelligent. Kind of along the same lines of how the English conquered the world by chance and good luck more so than by actually ‘plying thy book diligently’ as some old man once said to Samuel Johnson in the cloisters.

If you get a chance and some bandwith I would wholeheartedly recommend, again, watching this video here.

This whole surveillance culture is just a rouse to get everyone paranoid and looking at the left hand of Obama and not the right hand where the real shit is going on, which begs the question ‘what is the real shit?’ It’s all a matter of perception. To the beggar in the slum the only important thing is his next meal and avoiding the next beating that might be coming his way. To the slave in old Egypt building the pyramids it was avoiding the lash of the whip and you guessed it, his next meal. He knew not that the pyramids were built to open stargates to other dimensions or that they were actually built to generate electricity, communicate with the Gods or intimidate the neighbours. Where as in actual fact they were built as a tourist trap, to infuriate Egyptologists and to decorate postcards with.

What is Obama doing with his right hand is a good question? Is he the puppet master or just another muppet to another puppet master who in turn is… etc.

Here’s somebody with their finger on the proverbial pulse and I’m not talking about Jack and the Beanstalk. I’m gabbing on about Ed Asner who you might know as Lou Grant or that old round bloke with a grandfatherly voice.


He’s only narrating this video so I can’t be sure that he scripted it but I would say that the view of America’s golden age is just that, a view; a misinterpreted perception. As far as I can recall there was slavery, apartheid, queer bashing and all sorts of other great and honourable pursuits going on during the good old days in Amerika but he does make some good points all the same.


One of my teachers many years ago in Glasthule was fond of saying ‘they thought he was perspiring but he’d actually wet his trousers’. This was generally issued in response to that old hoary chestnut of an excuse for not presenting one’s homework; I thought we had none, sir.