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Imagine a world with no pokes, wall posts, status updates, baby photos or bitchy public break up arguments? All you need is a time machine to go back to the early 2000’s.

As fascinating an idea as this may seem there’s actually not a lot of writing in the topic. I mean…would anybody miss it? Surely there’d be a replacement up within minutes, a beta version of something or other. Hopefully bot MySpace because I just thought that was a a market place for amateur music and egos.

What would they do different in a new facebook? Who is ‘they’?

More privacy less ads? I doubt it. But I suppose it all depends on who stands to benefit from it? Commerce or public? The yanks vs the rest of the free world?

Perhaps there could be regionalised versions based on language or nationality or sexual persuasion?

Would it be Manbook vs Womanbook vs Fembook vs Fagbook vs Boganbook vs Slutbook vs Crookbook vs Dumbbook vs PCbook vs Gossbook vs Gentilebook vs Jewbook vs Musbook vs Budbook vs Hinbook?

It might even be time to get rid of the ‘book’ part altogether and call it facekindle, which kinda sounds like a nasty hate crime to me.

Sorry I just had to drop out and check my facebook for bay status updates and the latest feel good bullshit posts from people who actually think that if you sign your name to an online petition and send it to an African warlord, who believes that he’s the son of God,  that he’ll stop torturing and raping every girl within a 50km radius once he’s stopped chopping off the hands of every male in sight.

Or perhaps Monsanto really has been kicked out of another poor country and Russell Brand is about to change the world by financing a world wide revolution based on his drug free and celebrity status. I’d rather follow Katie Perry if the truth be told, she’s got a nicer behind.  Oops, there’s me being sexist again. Dang, methinks I need to join Rehabbook and change my ways.

There’s always make believe too! How about Elfbook for those of a Tolkien persuasion or Gnometome for the gardening set.