A few thoughts on what I’ve been watching on the goggle box:
The Knick-loved every minute of every episode, including the music by Cliff Martinez. Clive Owen ain’t bad either. Keep it up Mr Soderbergh.
Boardwalk Empire- thoroughly enjoying the this last season despite the sudden kill offs. The flashbacks are very well done and the younger versions are brilliantly mimicking their older versions.
The Affair- just getting into this newie and I’m immensely impressed with the depth of the writing and subject matter in general.Dominic West is plays it well and there is something about Ruth Wilson, like she reminds me of Laura Ingols from Little House on the Prairie turned all risque and sexy. Early days yet so…
Strange Empire-the sisters are doing it for themselves out west. A tad uneven but still something new and worth a gander.
Gotham- ah, who cares. Ain’t getting any traction with this big budget affair, perhaps it’s a slow burner but I doubt it. I’m kinda over the whole seeing Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed for the umpteenth time and the butler sucks ass.The Penguin is a bit too emo for my liking.
Gracepoint- the yankee version of Broadchurch, with the brilliant David Tennant(another pom putting on a stateside accent, seems to be all the rage-Martin Freeman in Fargo, John Simm in Intruders, Sean Bean in Legends etc). I’m liking this even though I ain’t seen the original. Oh, and Nick Nolte is in it too.
Brooklyn Nine Nine- daft, harmless and fun. Sometimes I forget that I live in a country that voted for Tony Abbot and that is invaluable.
How to get away with murder- not sure about this one apart from wanting to shoot half the cast I’m still stuck to it, but only just.
Peaky Blinders- ain’t Tom Hardy the business! He’s kinda like the modern day Marlon Brando in some respects. Cillian Murphy(could be Paul Newman) is chewing up the show and I reckon it’s the best thing Sam Neil has done in yonks. I will say that it is a bit too stylistic and sometimes the music is a bit try hard but it still tastes like crack cocaine to me.
You’re the Worst- kind of wrong but enjoyable and funny. Aya Cash is super dooper fantastic and sassy and sexy and hawt and…I’m drooling now… nuff said.
The Flash- superheroes are just a bit overdone at the moment but I’m sure the kids will like it.
Jane the Virgin- think Bigas Lunas/Pedro Almodovar doing mainstream US sitcom. Funny and colourful like a christmas tree.
Kingdom- I never thought I’d watch a show about MMA. It’s better than you’d think.
The Walking Dead- the sooner they all die the better as far as I’m concerned with yet another Brit putting on the slow drawl. Gave up watching this before anybody had ever heard of ebola.