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I’m loving this new nico-no diet that I’m on. I’m not usually one for fad diets but this one is the shizz and has me hooked. It’s not for everyone mind you. It’s really simple and fun to do as well.
Firstly, get yourself a 20 year nicotine habit.
Secondly, try and give up.
Thirdly eat everything in sight for as long as it takes for the nasty hungry butterflies in your belly to calm down and fall asleep. I’ve been enjoying big breakfasts, bigger lunches and massive dinners followed by humongous bowls of ice cream and ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate and rum milkshakes.
Fourthly, avoid doing anything fun that you used to do with friends, caffeine, drugs and alcohol.
On the plus side you can eat whatever you want to just as long as it ain’t a ciggy.
Your only limits are not to spend any more on extra food than you used to spend on fags and the length of your belt.